Nancy Sutor

Nancy Sutor


LUCENT 2014, Cloud 5 Project, Santa Fe,NM»

Aug. 8, 2014 –

LUCENT is curated by Stephen Auger and Nancy Sutor and includes photograms of fireflies, lenticular photographs of the moon reflected in water, and artwork exploring the mysterious light at twilight. All of the artists in the show are intrigued by the seen and unseen, absorbing and reflecting materials, our birthplace in the stars and the […]

Figures Studied, Verve Gallery of Photography Santa Fe»

Jun. 24, 2013 –

Verve Contemporary Fine Art  photography gallery in Santa Fe is representing local, national and internationally known artists inclucing  Maggie Taylor, Tony O’Brien, Norman Mauskopf along with Nancy Sutor. Nancy Sutor not usually working with figures finds a pair of legs in a  garden carrot. The series Compose Decompose and Home and Garden both include animal […]

La Historia del Futuro opens at Museo de Arte de Ciudad Juarez»

Jun. 13, 2013 –

On Feb 15, 2013 La Historia Del Futuro/ The History Of the Future featuring the photographs of Julián Cardona and Michael Berman curated by Nancy Sutor and sponsored by Lannan Foundation opened to a large enthusiastic crowd. Families, students, artists, writers, educators ,musicians, composers converged on the Museo de Arte de Ciudad Juarez  to prove […]

Edible Santa Fe Summer 2012 Issue: Compose/Decompose»

Jun. 10, 2013 –

Edible Santa Fe is a quarterly publication that promotes and celebrates the abundance of local foods in North Central New Mexico. We value local, seasonal, authentic foods and culinary traditions. In the Summer 2012 Issue, Nancy Sutor’s Compose/Decompose photographs are featured in the Artists’ Diaries.        Here is Edible’s Compose/Decompose online article